Wednesday, May 11, 2011

FLOAT YR FACE Music Festival

Kevin Harris and I have put together a 2-Day music festival at Floating Laboratories:

The Float Yr Face Music Festival is 2 nights of experimental music and sound design in St. Louis, Missouri. Created by Floating Laboratories founder Kevin Harris and Flood Yr Face creator Josh Levi, the Float Yr Face Music Festival will feature 16 acts operating in the worlds of analog synthesis, broken electronics, ambient soundscapes, and improvisational dementia.

The festival will take place on Friday, June 3rd and Saturday, June 4th at Floating Laboratories, located at 4528 Ohio St. For more information:

Ticket Prices: $10 - Day Passes / $15 Weekend Pass
Tickets can be purchased at Floating Laboratories, Apop Records, or via paypal:

Friday, June 3rd:

07:30 - Ghost Ice (St. Louis, MO)
08:15 - 56K (Chicago, IL)
09:00 - Dust Bunny (St. Louis, MO)
09:45 - Expo 70 (Kansas City, MO)
10:30 - Brett Naucke (Chicago, IL)
11:15 - Sirrah Nivek (St. Louis, MO)
12:00 - Fabric (Chicago, IL)
12:45 - Outer Space (Cleveland, OH)

Saturday, June 4th:

04:00 - Analog Synthesis Workship with Dr. Mabuse (Mike Murphy | St. Louis, MO)

07:30 - N.N.N. Cook (St. Louis, MO)
08:15 - Rich O'Donnell / Anna Lum (St. Louis, MO)
09:00 - Father Finger (Tampa, FL)
09:45 - Lazy Magnet (Providence, RI)
10:30 - Raglani (St. Louis, MO)
11:15 - Fielded (Chicago, IL)
12:00 - Brain Transplant (St. Louis, MO)
12:45 - Keith Fullerton Whitman (Somerville, MA)

for more information:

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