Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tomorrow :: Ga'an :: Skarekrau Radio :: Spelling Bee :: Catholic Guilt

What up, Crew?

Tomorrow night a dark, silver cloud hovers above the frowning city of St. Louis. Oppressive heat beckons the creeps from the sewers. Fright night is upon us.

Chicago's GA'AN is back for their second St. Louis show. Imagine Goblin with a monumental siren's coo - total Fulci aktion. Skarekrau Radio bring the message of Kuu from the depths of the crater. KIller moon rock. Woof. Spelling Bee play their electrified bottled lightning ruckus for the last time for a while. Crushing doom drone on the heels of the devil - witness the guitar driven cries of Catholic Guilt. If you scared, go to church.


GA'AN (CHICAGO, IL - members of Psychic Steel, Fielded, Ex-Coughs)
Skarekrau Radio (Tempora, IL)
Spelling Bee (St. Louis, MO)
Catholic Guilt (St. Louis, MO)

Cranky Yellow (2847 Cherokee St.) | 9PM | $5 | Be there or be drawn and quartered.

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