Wednesday, May 11, 2011

05.10.11 :: Family Visions Center :: St. Louis

Last night St. Louis was treated to an evening of skullkrushing guitar drone, cassette lust, sax quest worship, and video experimentation! Rick Weaver, Larva Lou, and Melissa Debus kindly opened their home for the second show at the Family Visions Center (3706Texas, just a few blocks south of Cherokee St.). Philadelphia's Night Burger (aka Noah Anthony of Social Junk) and Zack Kouns (formerly of Social Junk) from Lexington rolled through with local support from Catholic Guilt and a short set from Larva to a new video feature. Unfortunately, Ghost Ice had to drop off due to equipment troubles, but provided superb sound for the evening.

Catholic Guilt performed a set similar to their Record Store Day performance, proving their current sludge induced haze is here to stay. Drummer Ben Salyers provided a consistent, steady beat crashing to the dirge of Stein, Zengerling, and Burk. Be sure to catch them this Friday opening for Ga'an with Spelling Bee and Skarekrau Radio at Cranky Yellow.

The talk of the trash dog circuit this year has most certainly been Night Burger. On the same level as Coppertone (Sasha Wiseman), Lazy Magnet (Jeremy Harris), and Container (Ren Schofield), Night Burger mixed his stolid vocal approach with cassette driven beats and whirring squalls and synth lines. A total killer on a humid night in STL.

Zack Kouns busted a set of delayed sax drawl morphing into a hare krishna-like vocal croon. A little steamy for some of the audience's taste, ZK still lit the barn for a short and sweet jam.

Last night was also the debut of "White Famine," a new video short from the FVC film crew. Starring Melissa Debus as a woman who stumbles upon a mysterious hotline, she encounters a maniacal drug-fueled ruffian portrayed by Rick Weaver. Recorded on a handheld video camera, this quick-cut short was a refreshing piece from an ever-evolving creative mind troupe. An original soundtrack was provided by Larva Lou with a potent mix of vocal samples and feedback warblings. I'll be looking forward to the next in a slew of videos, including Cock Film by Rick Weaver & Rick Wilson (Skarekrau Radio).

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