Monday, August 6, 2012

06.08.12 - Flood Yr Face Update

Happy Monday Fine Folk of St. Louis,

As some of you may know, I now reside in our nation's capital, Washington, D.C. It's been a pleasant change of pace from the good life in STL and I'm hoping to make some things happen here. As for Flood Yr Face, I will try to carry on to the best of my ability. Below is a show I booked from afar with our good friends, TIGER HATCHERY from Chicago. The show is tonight at Apop Records and I suggest you all go out and have a good time.

Tonight | August 6, 2012

Tiger Hatchery (Fierce Free Jazz Unit from Chicago, IL | Billington, Forbes, Young)*

Brainstems (Up-and-Coming Garage Punk from St. Louis)
Wamhoda (The Original Swamp Kid in the Mix from St. Louis)
Dave Stone (Legendary Sax Master from St. Louis)

Apop Records | 2831 Cherokee St. | St. Louis, MO 63118 | 9PM | $5 Donation | BYOB

Fb Invite: HERE

*Andrew Scott Young of Tiger Hatchery will be touring with comedian Mike Hirsch throughout the later half of August. The two will be performing in St. Louis at Kaveh Razani's Space on Wednesday, August 22nd.

Also taking place later this evening: Dum Dum Girls and The Yowl at Off Broadway.


Alien conspiracy theory punks, MAXIMUM EFFORT, will be releasing their new record on Thursday, August 9 at their CBGB show with Chicago's Canadian Rifle. Noted by many as St. Louis' BEST punk band, ME destroy with solid songwriting and electrically charged energy. Canadian Rifle's brand of melodi-punk will surely keep the heads bopping as they rival rock n' roll degenerates Doom Town and slime freaks Trauma Harness.
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Friday at MOMO, Rick Weaver presents the second event in the LOGE VIDEO SERIES. Featuring a variety of video, music, and film, MOMO will be transformed into an intersection of genius and insanity with visual and sound works from A Million Brazilians' Grant Corum, Jeremy Kannapell, Jeremy Melsha, and Family Visions. Doors are at 8:30pm. Show is at 9pm. $5+ Admission.

"our second event in the LOGE VIDEO SERIES
featuring VIDEO / MUSIC / FILM

feature film:

"an imaginary migration into the realm of EXOTIQUE FAMILIARS"
Grant Corum of Portland, Oregon / A Million Brazilians touring thru with his fresh video and live soundtrack. here one night to twist the old and wring it out into the present, see the colors spoil, brighten, do all sorts of things to / for our ears and eyes. "a world of his own", Corum's soundtrack music has been flooring me. for instance: http://soundcloud.



aka Ghost Ice has recently made one of the best films I've ever seen, Night Mind on Fire. I've had the pleasure of seeing this intense, hallucinatory exploration of color, form and motion screened and scored twice. raw sensation / emotion / nerves - absolutely mesmerizing. August 10 will be the premiere of a brand new film from the visual king of St. Louis. 


electronic artist, trombonist, and video artist Melsha bringing his intense rhythmic and explicit dissections and cut-ups of the fearful grim, technological, and nightmarish moments in the history of video and humanity. heavy and heavily layered scores.


we're working on a music video for SOCIAL JUNK's RENEWAL full length, a soundtrack that never had a the visual complement. 


guest VJ

+ mystery performers" - Rick Weaver | Human Conduct Records

Fb Invite: HERE


Saturday, August 11 we find Fort Gondo being converted for a "PURE DELUSIONal night of madverse, music and experimentaion." Featuring spoken word from Mike Benker, Joseph Sulier, Brett Underwood, Matt Questionmark. Music from Patrick Boland. Art by Dan Zettwoch and Larva Lu. The event will be recorded by Rick Wilson (Audio) and (Visual).

Fb Invite: HERE


Yowie just released a track earlier this morning from 'Damning with Faint Praise,' its latest album on Skin Graft Records. The band will be embarking on a European tour from September 26 to October 19. Tour dates are listed below:

26/09 DE Berlin @ Bei Roy

27/09 PL Wroclav
28/09 CZ Brno @ Bora
29/09 CZ Budweis @ Naab (tbc)
30/09 SK Trenčín @ Klub Lúč
01/10 SK Bratislava @ A4
02/10 CZ Ostrava @ Plan B
03/10 AU Vienna @ Fluc

08/10 IT Faenza @ Clandestino

09/10 IT Milan

11/10 FR Lyon @ Gaffer Festival

13/10 FR Paris @ Rigoletto

14/10 BE Brussels @ Magasin 4 w/ Poino

16/10 UK Bristol @ The Croft

17/10 UK London @ Birthdays w/ Doomsday Student

19/10 DE Halle @ Hühnermanhattan

In other Yowie news, Captain Captain (former project from members of You Fantastic! and Yowie) will be performing their first show in 11 years at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center with NYC/Philly weirdos, Normal Love on Sunday August 12. For sounds from Normal Love, check HERE.

Fb Invite: HERE


Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, August 14 - Mellow Harsher | Shaved Women | Overdoser - CBGB
Wednesday, August 15 - Stag Night with: Lushes | Airglow | Britches | Giving Up - El Lenador
Friday, August 17 - Wiccans | Cruddy | Doom Town | Trauma Harness | Violations - Apop Records
Friday, August 17 - Cave | Catacombz | Skarekrau Radio - Plush
Friday, August 17 - The Pat Sajak Assassins | This City of Takers | Escalade - Schlafly Tap Room
Saturday, August 18 - Walk On Me - Bridget Kraft's art opening featuring performances by Galen Gondolfi and Dave Stone - Fort Gondo
Saturday, August 18 - Kristeen Young, Spectator, Adult Fur, CaveofswordS - 2720



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