Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Nautical Almanac return to St. Louis for the first time since their 2007 performance at Spooky Action Palace! They'll be invading the minds and souls of those fortunate to grace Floating Laboratories tonight. Global Distance, Kevin Harris, and Brain Transplant with Josh Levi open this evening's concert. Floating Laboratories is located at 4528 Ohio St. - Show is $5 and begins at 9pm.

In addition to tonight's music, local warlock Jeremy Kannapell will be selling 10 limited edition prints for $5 each. All proceeds go to Nautical Almanac.

From Brain Transplant's Chris Smentkowski:
"Old friends Nautical Almanac are coming to STL again Tuesday July 3 @ Floating Labs. I think the first time they came through STL was in '98. If you've ever traveled the astral plane you've seen/heard their multimedia trespasses for over 40000+ years. Be cool. Do drugs. Skip school. Make out. Make this show."

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