Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Show Explosion!

In semi-typical fashion, a few shows have been coming under the radar of even the avid showgoer. This week we see performances from Prince Rama, Psychic Ills, I Love You, Japanther, Accelerando, and Big Werm.

From what I've gathered, the Prince Rama/Psychic Ills show has been booked semi-last minute and will take place on the second floor of 2720. Unfortunately it will be in direct competition with this evening's I Love You gig at Pig Slop Studios (featuring Demonlover, Skarekrau Radio, and Midwestern Trash Vortex). With the Prince Rama gig waving a $8/$10 price tag, it may be a hard sell. St. Louis' own Kid Counselor (the sonic moniker of Jake Leech) will be opening the show.

Bob Reuter's Alley Ghost opens another show on Cherokee St. this evening with The Griddle Kids and Accelerando at El Lenador!

Japanther will be playing a house show this weekend, with what seems to be a STACKED bill. Come on and check out some of St. Louis' newer rocking bands!

For those looking for a night of THRASH and HARDCORE then look no further. New Jersey's BIG WERM will be hitting Bonerville this Saturday with Who Fucking Cares?, Pink Sock, and Vivisecticide.

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