Tuesday, March 6, 2012

03.06.12 Flood Yr Face Update


St. Louis is no longer "just another stop" for touring bands. We are here. People want to be here. People want to perform for YOU. Bands are touring across the country with an average gas price of $3.69 a gallon to sweat in your basements, jam in your art spaces, and deliver stand out performances. Here are some shows over the next two weeks that I personally recommend and that you NEED to experience!

Wednesday, March 7th - Boar, I Like You Go Home, Oblive, Aryan Cringe, Kevin Schlueter - Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center

An evening of harsh noise/power electronics/ambient drone/harsh noise wall at the venue that started it all for a lot of people. Check it out before...

Wednesday, March 7th - Bitchin' Bajas (Cooper Crain of CAVE), Britches, Kevin Harris, Dave Stone - Floating Laboratories

CAVE'S Cooper Crain plays his first ever Bitchin' Bajas set in St. Louis. The propulsive guitar/organ force behind Chicago's CAVE explores the psychedelic synthesizer/organ realm in this project. Did you check out that BB/Moon Duo split? Come on!!

Friday, March 9th - Rob Ruzicka's Birthday celebration with THE SPITS, TV Ghost, Shaved Women, The Humanoids - Atomic Cowboy

Total "TV Party"-style jams with St. Louis' hardcore's biggest goofball. Spunk Punks THE SPITS play their first St. Louis show ever!

Monday, March 12th - Super Sonic Piss, Heavy Times, Shaved Women - CBGBs

This will be the third time for Iowa City's SSP. Super sludgy sick times with this AWESOME female-fronted punk monster. Total AmpRep/Touch & Go dementia. Chicago's #1 drug enthusiasts, Heavy Times, unleash some pseudo-garage schlock for the masses. St. Louis best hardcore/punk band returns. It's been years now! Have you not seen Shaved Women? Break out the chain...

Wednesday, March 14th - Floating Laboratories and Log Culture Present: "Spend an Evening with Tapes" Festival

An entire evening of "Tape As Instrument." Employing the use of cassette, reel-to-reel, VHS, adhesive, cartridge, microcassette, betamax, etc. St. Louis' finest musicians will perform in collaborations assembled by a random hat drawing (conducted in January). Performances from Nashville/Philly/St. Louis' magnetic tape obsessed unit - FORM-A-LOG and Nashville's Aether Jag (Remember Mouthpet?) highlight the evening.

Form-A-Log (Ren Schofield (Container), Rick Weaver (Dinner Music), Noah Anthony (Night Burger))
Aether Jag (Nashville, TN)

Duo: NNN Cook & Joe Hess
Trio: Tom Sutter + Chris Smentkowski + Larva Lou
Quartet: Rick Wilson + Kevin Harris + Jeremy Kannapell + Brad Schumacher
Quartet: Taka O'Lueken + Ajay Khanna + Mike Pagano + Sean Burk
Trio: Josh Levi + Connie Sue + Anthony Engelhardt
Trio: Dave Stone + Chalk + Jeremy Melsha

Festival features: Mixtape Exchange (Bring One/Get One), DJing All Cassettes, Cassette Sculptures


Saturday, March 17th - Nature Boys, BFAST, Mosquito Bandito, Pink Sock - Bonerville

A highly anticipated night from Kansas City's Nature Boys. Totally solid punk.

Sunday, March 18th - Wet Hair, Rene Hell, Ghost Ice, Frances With Wolves - Floating Laboratories

The most anticipated show of the year for me (Second only to the Tape Festival and the possibility of Float Yr Face Festival 2), we see the return of Wet Hair (Shawn Reed and Ryan Garbes) and Rene Hell (Jeff Witscher). Wet Hair is the psych organ/drums duo running the lo-fi amerika gamut. Total slaves to the rhythm, Wet Hair will set you aflame on the nuclear dawn of your mind. You may know Reed as the head honcho at Night-People Records. Can you imagine the merch? Rene Hell has developed a new style employing Max/MSP with his unique brand of synthesis. One of my all-time favorite musicians and friends. Ghost Ice...NEVER MISS A GHOST ICE set. Frances With Wolves enchant the lonely with a hum and a whisper. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW.


Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, March 27th - The Hive Dwellers (Calvin Johnson of K Records), Dustin Wong (of Ponytail), Woodsman - Luminary Center for the Arts
Wednesday, March 28th - NMC Presents: KIHNOUA - Kranzberg Arts Center
Saturday, March 31st - Sharon Van Etten, The War on Drugs - Luminary Center for the Arts
Saturday, April 1st - Bear In Heaven, Young Magic, The Doldrums - Luminary Center for the Arts
Saturday, April 21st - Chain and the Gang (Ian Svenonius of the Make-Up/NOU), Little Big Bangs - Pig Slop Studios
Thursday, April 26th - Beeman Glow, Larva, Kevin Harris - Floating Laboratories
Friday, May 18th - Quintron and Miss Pussycat - The Firebird
Tuesday, May 22nd - No Milk, Diamond Hymen - TBA
Thursday, May 24th - Bobby Conn, Skarekrau Radio - El Lenador


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