Friday, November 18, 2011

Recap: Supersonic Piss | The Liz | Shaved Women - CBGBs

As the days get shorter and the nights colder, the game of booking shows becomes more and more difficult. In the age of digital media, concertgoers can passively check out a band in less than 30 seconds, making the decision of "Should I stay or should I go" both easy and apathetic. Thankfully, the kids were out in throngs last night for Supersonic Piss, The Liz, and St. Louis' own Shaved Women.

I arrived just minutes into Supersonic Piss' set. Jam packed on the recreational side of a smokey CBGBs, I was once again in awe of the punk-addled monster. Having caught SSP in Iowa City this past summer, I can honestly say that they bring it to every set they play. Hovering between noise rock and spazz punk, SSP annihilate on every level: thundering percussion, dynamic chainsaw guitar, tidal wave bass, and the enigmatic howl of lead singer, Paige Harwell. Harwell's stage presence puts her up there with the greats: Blank stares, hard-stomping, confrontation, and a voice that ranges from gravel pit growl to horror-film shriek. Supersonic Piss are truly masters of their niche.

Minneapolis' The LIz quickly took the stage, launching into a short set of feedback drenched rock n roll. The Liz are elementally psychedelic with hints of post-hardcore. Explosive repetition, crumbling riffs, and guttural moans defined this sonic shocked quartet.

In a smart move by promoter, Luc Michalski, Shaved Women played last on the bill. Quickly having risen to the top of most STL hardcore/punk kids' list of favorite bands, SW did not disappoint. Rowdy and riled, the band kicked off the set with a bit of new material from their upcoming record. Sporting leather jackets (with bare-chests underneath!) singer Ben Salyers and bassist Johnny Birkner looked like a psychosexual duo straight out of 'Cruising.' Angst-filled vocals, Greg Ginn-esque guitar, solid drumming, and Birkner's wild bass stylings launched a rather aggro crowd into a fury. After plowing quickly through their set, SW changed the pace by ripping into 'Static,' a rather slow burner, trudging through mud and bone. A good chunk of the crowd sang along gregariously to such (now) classics like "Circles" and "Every Day Life," following with a killer version of The Ramones' "Endless Vacation." What has become an ending staple to their sets, Shaved Women knocked off a cover of Die Kruezen's "Think For Me." The night was done.

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