Saturday, November 19, 2011

GUTTER: Girls of Noise

GUTTER: Girls of Noise' is a documentary film by Lauren Boyle. Focusing on the female contribution to the noise community of the United States, 'GUTTER' features performances and interviews by:
Leslie Keffer, Valerie Martino of Unicorn Hard-On, Amy Elizabeth Waller of Lexi Mountain Boys, Melanie Warren of Lady Orifice, Lisa Cameron of Venison Whirled, Amanda RH Davidson, Kat Stewart, Nour Mobarak, LaLa Rivera, Bonnie Cavanagh, Saira Huff of Faggot, Nicole Gruter, Angela Edwards of Sharkiface, Heather Young of Social Junk, Mary Lew of Bloody Nose, Lauren Pakradooni of Pak and NPR the Band, Ivanna Bergese of Yours Truly, Nancy Garcia, Jessica Rylan of Can't, and Rat Bastard.

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