Sunday, October 16, 2011


The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center's Eighth Annual Midwest Noise Festival is kicking off today at 3pm. Put together by Mark Sarich and Brad Schumacher, this fine event will be the most concise to date! If you attend, you can get into tonight's 10/16: SATANIZED(Skingraft Records), w/ Britches, The Lonely Procession show at a discounted price!

Check out the Fb Invite: HERE

Here are some words from the main man himself.

"There are 3 potential additions to the list. We invite all of you to show up early for our customary reception for artists with some ala carte food, coffee and good conversation with old friends. We plan to have everything ready by 1pm and the show will start promptly at 3. I have divided the list into 3 sets - each one a little longer than the one before. This is just to keep everything fresh and build some momentum towards the evening.

Everyone is invited to stay for an evening act - a writer's workshop Apocalypse Variety Show. Then you can get a discount to see Satanized at A Pop!

Really looking forward to seeing you all! It means a lot to me that everyone pulled together to make this happen this year despite the odds!

See you soon!

Ra Cailum
Adolph Bunyan and The Nazi Lumberjacks
The Night Grinder
Spastic Plastic
Plasmic Formations
Private Estate
Dave Stone
Corrigan Brothers
Andrew Heffner
Charlie Turner
Baba Yaga
Teeth Collection
Ghost Ice
Kevin Harris
Dear Satan
NNNCook "

The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center is located at 3301 Lemp Ave. (at Utah). Noisefest admission is $7. All Ages. No Booze. No Drugs. No Jerks.

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