Friday, October 21, 2011

Interview: Jack Buck's Colin Webb Speaks On Ugly 7" Release


For Fans Of: EyeHateGod, Young Widows, Akimbo, Coalesce, The Jesus Lizard, Modern Life is War

Jack Buck is the newest band on the roster of St. Louis' Heaviest of Heavies. Characterized by spinal shock guitar riffery, gut-growling vocals, and a freight-train paced rhythm section, Jack Buck are an unstoppable force that are heavy enough to kill a bridge troll. As a welcomed new voice to the St. Louis hardcore/metal/punk community, Jack Buck have been keeping busy, through rigorous practice, recording in the studio, and even scoring an opening spot for Louisville’s Coliseum.

This weekend, the culmination of months of the band’s hard work will come to fruition with the release of their new 7”, Ugly. The Ugly 7” contains three tracks of crashing, caustic rock induced with elements of sludge, hardcore, and technical thrash. Arriving in a custom made wooden case with the band’s name carved into, this treasured recording delivers a rusty punch to the synapses.


Jack Buck’s Colin Webb was kind enough to speak about the band’s origin, recording process, and the construction of the 7”.

How did the band get together?

I believe there was a craigslist ad involved. That casual encounter got the drums and guitar in the same room. And that was a big room, which will be explained. The bass player and I had been in a band in Columbia, Missouri three years prior called MAR that was snuffed before it even got a fair breath. I was old friends with the drummer, who asked me if I wanted to jam, with the stipulation that I show up with that bass player from the old band. I showed up on crutches Oct. 15th of last year, fresh off ankle surgery, which was fine because of them drugs… and I brought that bass player. We clicked musically and socially, hard to say which is more important.

How did you carry on with the recording process?

Daniel Ruder. He's this really excellent working recording engineer that happens to be our drummer. He did his internship under Steve Albini (Silkworm, Nirvana, The Jesus Lizard) at Electrical Audio. When he's not teaching audio at Webster University, where he studied, he's recording local bands and choirs live or note by note. He has access to the studios at the college and we banged out 3 songs over a weekend in July in Studio A. He then took it up to Chicago and had it mastered at Chicago Mastering Service by Jason Ward. It’s amazing how important mastering is for good vinyl sound. We’re all thrilled with the way this thing came out. We’re currently practicing in Daniel’s future studio, which is the entire finished third floor of his house in South City. We also play tackle football up there between songs.

The 7” casing is a gorgeous slab of wood, with a relief cut of the band’s name. How was the 7" constructed?

It all started about 40 years ago in a forest somewhere. Baltic birch trees pushed their ways skyward, dreaming of being the future housing for a piece of plastic that plays crushing riffs. 

Really, we first had the idea of photographing a piece of wood that was CNC routed (computer routing). So we found a local guy that had the machine. He made us a few samples and we were blown away. The sample just kind of looked like a record could fit inside. We crunched some numbers and got the guy to make them. We thought we were smart. Little did we know that once we had the fronts cut, there was still a seven step process to getting them to the finished product. Gluing, sanding, etc… let’s just say with our experience, we’re now considering opening up Jack Buck Wood Works.

What do you think St. Louis' music community is missing?

Maybe nothing. It seems like every week I’m discovering new local bands, songwriters, comedians and orchestras with a ton of talent. We must not be a very patient city for music. Acts seem to disappear just as you get comfortable with them. Except of course for the Conformists, who we’ll be playing our record release show with this Saturday. They’ve been doing it right for 15 years.


The Ugly 7” will be available at Jack Buck’s record release show at El Lenador on Saturday, October 22nd. Local heavyweights The Conformists, Corpse Pose, and Columbia, MO’s Vast West kick off the show.

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