Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tomorrow at Barbarella: Featureless Ghost | Radiant Husk | Marble

This show is tomorrow, folks, and it's looking to be a good one. Smoke a junt to this one.

Here's what Jeremy Kannapell has to say:

"FEATURELESS GHOST - via Atlanta. Shawn from Wet Hair put out a recent cassette of them on his Night People label. For fans of minimal synth, keyboards, drum machines, sunglasses at night....

MARBLE - I am SO PSYCHED to see Connie Su's first solo performance. If you caught her duo with Josh Levi at "An Evening Of Tapes" you can imagine how cool her electro-compostions will sound in Jade-arella.

RADIANT HUSK - ALSO, I'm SO looking forward to recent San Fran transplant, Matt Erickson's, 2nd performance here. He played his first STL show last week and it was hallucinatory. Fans of Aaron Dilloway, Terry Riley, and Skullflower take note .

+ special intermission mixes by DJ GHOST LICE.

T H I S F R I D A Y ( April 20th )

First Band at 10pm. Show will be over by Midnight. Show up late and you'll miss tunes.
$3.00 to check out the live music. RAGLANI will be slinging drinks and body-shots."

FB Invite: HERE


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