Monday, April 9, 2012

Shows Announced: Radiant Husk + Son of Noise + Featureless Ghost

Close/Far founder, Nathan Cook, and Radiant Husk's Matt Erickson have teamed up for a one-night-only event at Pig Slop Studios on Wednesday, April 11th. The aforementioned will be performing solo in addition to the ethereal works of Albert Kuo and Tan-Line (featuring Baba Yaga's Taka O'Leuken)!

Pig Slop Studios presents SON OF NOISE on Saturday, April 14th. Curated by the art-damaged mastermind, Mr. Ben (of Freezerburn Zine fame), Son of Noise is a continuance of last month's psychedelic art happening, Noise. Featuring live art, live booze, live drugs, an all-night photobooth and performances from local dementoids, Son of Noise looks as if it is gearing up for the unavoidable apocalypse. Are you ready to join? Participants include: Chizmo TV, Corrigan Bros., Dave Stone, Baba Yaga, Pig Slop Crew, and Melanympha and the Meatdawls.

Facebook Invite: HERE

Atlanta's Featureless Ghost will be performing at Barbarella on Friday, April 20th with Marble (the new project from St. Louis' synthstress, Connie Su). Featureless Ghost just released their new cassette "MindBody" on Shawn Reed's Night People imprint. This should prove to be an evening of family-oriented, cyber-kinetic brain molding.

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