Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Photos of Stephen Houldsworth

Local concertgoers Stephen Houldsworth and Graham Matthews make it to just about every hip/cool show in town. Whether its psych-synth dance unit Prince Rama or an evening of experimental music at Floating Laboratories, the two do their BEST to support both local and national acts. Big ups! Here are some captured images from shows you may have missed/attended this past month!

1. Joe Hess, 2. Sean Burk & Mike Pagano, 3. Dave Stone at "Spend an Evening with Tapes" Festival at Floating Laboratories on 03.14.12 | 4. Demonlover, 5. I Love You, 6. Skarekrau Radio, 7. Skarekrau Radio, 8. Skarekrau Radio, 9. Skarekrau Radio at Pig Slop Studios on 03.21.12 | 10. Kid Counselor, 11. Prince Rama at 2720 on 03.21.12 | 12. Ken South Rock, 13. Japanther, 14. Little Big Bangs at PMS House on 03.23.12 | 15. Sleep In Sundays, 16. Woodsman, 17. Dustin Wong of Ponytail, and 18. The Hive Dwellers at The Luminary Center for the Arts on 03.27.12.


  1. Josh, thanks so much for this! The St. Louis music scene is amazing. I feel very lucky to be able to attend so many great shows.

  2. The dance routine with which Prince Rama ended the set was one of the best things I've seen in a long time. I fired off as many iPhone snaps as I could, just hoping I'd get a composition that didn't suck/wasn't too motion-blurred. Should have gone with the flash. Nice job!

  3. I started taking vids at shows just recently. Here's my video of the Prince Rama dance: