Thursday, January 12, 2012

Demo Central: St. Louis Hardcore / Punk Bands

Here are a couple of demos from the past year which feature some of St. Louis' up-and-coming hardcore/punk bands. You can either stream or download their demos for free via bandcamp and mediafire respectively.

Better Days - Remember Positivity?

The Mondales - For The Pop Punkers

Out Of Time - Breakdown / Bring The Mosh Hardcore
Out Of Time - Demo (streaming)

Rites Of Impiety - (Members of Goat Bris & Totally Gay Cop) - Ritualistic Black Metal

Totally Gay Cop - (Featuring Juice Box & Member of Spelling Bee) Nihilistic Anti-Cop Punk

Trauma Harness (Members of Egg Chef & Shaved Women) - Weirdo Punk

Who Fucking Cares? - Hardcore Punk

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