Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This week in St. Louis!

This weekend holds the key to happiness in the bleak guise of winter. For the rockers, noiseniks, and hardcore honchoes:

Thursday, December 8th:
Black For A Second and Doom Town - Mangia Italiano

Friday, December 9th:
Depth & Current, Half Gay, and Corpse Pose - Floating Laboratories
The Mhurs, Navigator, O Giant Man, The Noise FM, Scarlet Tanager - The Firebird
Fetal Injury, Totally Gay Cop, Overdoser - The Dumpster

Saturday, December 10th:
Cruddy, Autonomy, Shaved Women, and Doom Town - El Lenador
Dinner Music, Larva Lou, What We Won't See, Radiator Greys - Pig Slop
Volcanoes, The Otto Modest, Pelvic Girdles, The Lame Boyz - The Heavy Anchor

and don't forget the madness next week with...

Monday, December 12th:
CAVE, Skarekrau Radio, MSIF - Way Out Club
Inquisition, Fister, The Lion's Daughter, Oblong Box, Rites of Impiety - Fubar

Wednesday, December 14th:
Miami Dolphins, Playing Possum, Wheat Snaps - Lemp Arts Center
A Very Bert Dax Christmas Special - Off Broadway

Thursday, December 15th:
A Very Bert Dax Christmas Special - El Lenador

Friday, December 16th:
Quicksails, Ryley Walker, Duddley Fogg, Kevin Harris, Kingston Family Singers - Floating Laboratories
A Very Bert Dax Christmas Special - 2720
Manipulation, Divine Right, Shaved Women, Sweet Tooth, Masculine Journey - Bonerville
Bob Reuter's Alley Ghost, Griddle Kids - Schlafly Tap Room
Dino Bravo, Trauma Harness, Spastic Plastic, Carte De Visite, Adam King - Illegal Tone Recordings
Cup Collector, Charlie Turner, The Least Comma, Heavy horse - Bowen House

Saturday, December 17th:
Ou Où, Kid Counselor/Sean Brown, Corpse Pose - Pig Slop
Pat Sajak Assassins, Navigator, Bruiser Queen - Schlafly Tap Room
Volcanoes, Union Tree Review, Bo and the Locomotive - Plush

Sunday, December 18th:
Dubb Nubb, Navigator, Prune - Lemmon's
Moon Duo, Tone Rodent, Roundheels, The FU'zz - Cicero's

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