Monday, November 28, 2011

Doom Town Head Out For European Tour!

St. Louis' Wipers-obsessed punk explosion, Doom Town, will be heading out on their first European tour starting Wednesday, December 28th. Doom Town create rip-wire alt-punk in the vein of Dead Moon and The Wipers with a heavy St. Louis influence. Their upcoming 7" and a new t-shirt (printed at KC's Oddities Prints) will be available for the tour // ordering information coming soon.

Doom Town will be playing with Shaved Women (St. Louis, MO), Autonomy (Carbondale, IL), and Cruddy (Austin, TX) at El Lenador on Saturday, December 10th. Come on out and wish them luck!

For more information:

Tour Dates:

Wed. 28.12.2011 Flensburg Deutschland
Thu. 29.12.2011 Aalborg Denmark
Fri. 30.12.2011 DRIVING (maybe Stockholm/Gothenburg Sweden)
Sat. 31.12.2011 Oslo Norway
Sun. 01.01.2012 DRIVING
Mon. 02.01.2012 Hamburg Deutschland
Tue. 03.01.2012 Brussels Belgium
Wed. 04.01.2012 DRIVING
Thu. 05.01.2012 Zurich Switzerland
Fri. 06.01.2012 Basel Switzerland
Sat. 07.01.2012 Munich Deutschland
Sun. 08.01.2012 DRIVING
Mon. 09.01.2012 Prague Czech Republic
Tue. 10.01.2012 Leipzig Deutschland
Wed. 11.01.2012 Dresden Deutschland
Thu. 12.01.2012 Berlin Deutschland
Fri. 13.01.2012 Bremen Deutschland
Sat. 14.01.2012 Hamburg Deutschland

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