Saturday, November 19, 2011

Audio: Catholic Guilt Release Christmas Track

St. Louis' Catholic Guilt have released their version of 'Silent Night' for Pancake Master Rob Severson's Pancake Productions 2011 Christmas Compilation. Make sure to download their record 'Postcards from Copper Canyon' - Also available on their bandcamp page.

Below is a clip from the Riverfront Times' 2011 Best Of Issue - Best Noise Band:
"Since early 2007, south-side demolition quartet Catholic Guilt has been in an endless battle against the sound barrier. Over the years, its lineup and style has undergone drastic changes. With early shows conjuring up thoughts of everything from Crass to Swans to Double Leopards, the band's focus has always been an exercise in sonic warfare. Now in its most realized form to date, Catholic Guilt's sound wavers between strident toxic sludge and black-hole dirge. After releasing Postcards From Copper Canyon on cassette through Chicago's Manic Static, the lonesome four are sharpening their claws in anticipation of the release of their first full-length LP."

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