Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jeremy Kannapell Presents NMC's First Show of the Season

I am truly excited for what Jeremy has put together this season! It should be a great fall full of life-changing musical events. Please don't sleep on this, St. Louis.


"Hi gang ( please forgive the longwinded email below ) -

As many of you know, I started working for the NMC last year as their program coordinator. Basically I do all the arrangements for their concerts. I am genuinely excited about this year, and would be totally remiss if I didnt give you a heads up about some of whats coming through. Consider this informal email a formal HEADS UP!

Our first concert is THIS COMING SATURDAY ( sept 17th ) at the Kranzberg ( which is a cool little space tucked away inside of the Big Brothers Big Sisters building at 501 N. Grand).


Joe McPhee's Survival Unit III will be performing. Its a total MUST for any free-jazz fan. Hes a true free music diehard and legend...he's studied with Pauline Oliveros, played with Brotzmann, tours regularly with Chris Corsano, etc etc etc too many to name. Fred Lonberg-Holm is playing cello in this trio and is a figurehead in his own right ( from playing with God-Is-My-Copilot to collaborations with Weasel Walter and Kevin Drumm ).

WORKSHOP - Joe McPhee will also be leading a workshop at FPCC this Saturday from 2pm-3pm. I encourage all of you to attend...whether you are a musician or not. Bring any instrument you want. Basically he will be talking about what he does, how he does it, his ideas...and will be highlighting his techniques. It will be cool.


The rest of this year will be very cool too. Keith Whitman, Matthew Shipp, Tony Conrad, Chris Corsano ( trio with Dave Stone + Darin Gray ). Olivia Block will be some personal highlights for me. I also encourage you to take a risk on some of the unknown names as well ( some of last years concerts that I thought I'd wouldn't dig so much, ended up being some of the best ). I also hope to update our merch table with St. Louis's most active experimental labels ( Nathan Cook's CLOSE-FAR, and Rick Weavers HUMAN-CONDUCT have already signed on ).

* I should also add, you are all artists - and the admission for artists is $7.00. Don't let the $15.00 regular admission price scare you off - it used to scare me off before I started working for NMC.


For the curious, you can go to these places for more information:

HOPE TO SEE YOU! - Jeremy"

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