Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Egg Chef's 'Opinions Are Meaningless in the Void' 7" OUT NOW!

"Apop Records is proud to present Egg Chef’s vinyl debut. Pressed on orange vinyl, in edition of 375, the ‘Opinions Are Meaningless in the Void’ 7” contains three psychotropic tracks of hyperactive, left-brain punk.

Rising from the bowels of Belleville, IL, Egg Chef’s enigmatic spazz-punk takes charge on this beautiful slab of vinyl. Riding the wave of labels like 31G and Skin Graft Records, the band’s corrosive sound resembles the dynamic polarity of groups like The VSS and Lake Of Dracula. Filled with frenetic pacing, elemental pop, and sugar rush melody, Egg Chef stands as a combustible force on the edge of collapse. Characterized by solid songwriting and a propensity for metronomic percussion, the band’s technical prowess barges through like a freight train, supplementing the operatic flamboyance of singer Josh Jekkins’ vocals.

Riddled with upbeat tempo changes, the band’s disjointed ADD punk can turn on a dime, breeding a split personality within each song. Morphing warped brain thrash into an alien dance party, their wrecking ball tenacity leaves songs sticking to the sides of your brain. Equal parts electric shock and sonic warfare mania, this 7” will leave your mind wrecked and wanting more.

Egg Chef will suck your soul."

Available at Apop Records

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