Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flood Yr Face: This week in St. Louis

Tuesday, July 19th:

Warhammer 48K
Skarekrau Radio
Andy Cigarettes

at: El Lenador | 3124 Cherokee St. | $5 | 9PM


Wednesday, July 20th:

The Fucking Party
Nrml Ppl
Ando Ehlers
Little Big Bangs

at: El Lenador | 3124 Cherokee St. | $5 | 9PM


Thursday, July 21st:

Thankful Tree
Dust Bunny
Aryan Cringe

at: Schlafly Tap Room | 2100 Locust | Free | 9PM


Saturday, July 23rd:

Palmetto Moon Electronic Group
Radio People
Sirrah Nivek
Raglani + Levi

at: ________ ____________ | _____ _________ | Message me for info


From Larva:

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY:::::::::::JULY 24:::::::::::what's uPP?!
at MOMOZONE (not Family Visions Center dudes, we have moved on.)
________________________________ __ __ ___ __  ____ __ _ _ ___ __ _ __

Secular nun Wendy J. Hyatt spreads the message thru voice, guitar,
radios, pamphlets, impromptu tongues, atmosphere.  Wendy's the head of
the Department of Bad Ideas and Gentle Mending, one department of many
in a school she's decided we all attend.  Suicide Magnets is a
variable band in the aftermath of rock, heavily driven by melodic
chorus aftfected vocalizations over hollow strumming, with lyrics that
mix and mingle with grounded culture and surreptitious spiritualism.

DICK NEFF (Philly)
The alter ego of Lance Simmons, head of C.G.I. (Cartoon Graphics
Imaging), sonically delivers his world of grotesque and playful gore
through physical voluminous colorful rhythmic force.  Mr. Neff rigs up
a spare drum kit with drum triggers, sending the signal thru a table's
worth of alterations and modifications, then sending that thru a pile
of amps.  Heavy momentum induces ritual and dance, while "heady" and
colorful electronics ice the raw pummel of Dick Neff's kit style.

Sean Burke of Catholic Guilt breaks out of his shell, with or without
a cane, and vocalizes a stream of steamy lyrics over a repertoire of
inexhaustible and infectious melodies and arrangements in the mix with
crystalline and thick electronic beats.  The shades come on and the
shirt comes off, abandon is the name of the game.  Currency means
something different here, open the vaults, welcome all.

Dinner Music, not Dinner Party, in honor of Ms. Hyatt's presence,
pulling from the Scripture of Christopher, will provide the live
accompaniment to a movie she co-directed titled Untitled Moving
Picture No. 1, Winter '10, "starring" (along with Wendy) Tomas
Bennett, Kevin Esposito, Christine Jones, Larva Lou, & Rick Weaver.

*show starts 9pm SHARP- food early - bring donation$
*spread the werd. we're still outta town til Friday.

x o luv ya need ya 4 eva :)"

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