Friday, June 10, 2011

Tonight at the Family Visions Center:

Here's a quick re-post from Larva Lou! The Family Visions Center has had some awesome programming and will continue to do so during this insane summer. Here we go!

Friday June 10 at


3706 Texas Ave

Donation$ - 9pm


a night of amusements, exclusives, and premieres featuring:

CUBICLE (Atlanta)

Adam Keith is Cubicle: exceptional, surreal and abstract cassette generated music. Mr. Keith is nothing short of a Living Tape Alchemist. Esoteric original sources trigger strange feelings at the crossroads of coincidence and control. Structured, yet yielding to chance and circumstance if deemed necessary. Kind of like Richard Maxfield, but more "fun" and with a hair costume. Mr. Keith has been a participant in superb noise rock outfits such as MENS ROOM, BIG & TALL, DEEP BREAKFAST, THANK GOD, etc.


I've always been mesmerized by Ice's printed art. His flyers, illustrations, and collages have hung on my walls for years and have never failed to seduce and hypnotize me. So it's no surprise his moving visuals, in the realm of film, are on par with his posters. Reaching back into his crawl space of dark memory with totally alien color streams and shapes, dissonant and vivid frames, hit it sharp second by second. Kannapell will be premiering a new film (or two?) for the occasion. As far as I can tell, he doesn't show these out much, making me feel like I "can't wait".


Not sure what Mr. Pagano's got up his sleeve for the evening, perhaps a screening of a short movie and / or performance. Mike runs with the Staged Fright Media pack. He's been know to direct movies about "city fresh" slaughter, play analog synthesizer with Chalk, co-produce live theater such as "Show Me the Fuckin' Musical", document dates in the woods, speakeasies, etc. He could do anything. His hands are dirty, busy, and on the move.


New duo featuring Wiggpaw of Skarekrau and Rick Weaver. Sharpening, extending, & stretching oscillating pendulums to tickle the fancy of any corrupt odor that might walk through the backdoor. Capture the natural sounds of panting, grunting, modification, nature, drums, guitars, whatever. The performance will provide the live soundtrack to GRAVOIS GRAVEYARD (featuring Vinnie Meridian, the Tent Brothers, and others), the latest silent movie from the inimitable and fabulous FAMILY VISIONS CENTER.

hope to see you there!!

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