Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Amazing gig from New York's Teeny Bopper & Tension Fields at Apop Records last Tuesday. The Halflings/Yellow Tears crew did not disappoint with their maniacal brand of sonic offerings. Cheers to Poptards and the Song of the South aka Melissa DeBus for a demented set of left-brain ramblings with special guest dancer Joanie Walbert!!


For more Apop Fun, mark your calendars! Prepare for an evening of psychedlic folk wanderin
gs as well as an evening of Argentinian goth/darkwave & New York-style Minimal Wave. Dark and brooding, a cloud covers St. Louis.

Wednesday, January 26th:

Jason Ajemian (New York)
Mike Pitts

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Hush Arbors is the moniker of singer-songwriter Keith Wood. In addition to his solo effort, Wood has toured and collaborated with Current 93, Six Organs of Admittance, Sunburned hand of the Man, Jack Rose, Wooden Wand, and Voice of the Seven Woods. Hush Arbors on tour with New York jazz man, Jason Ajemian!!

Saturday, February 19th:

Mueran Humanos (Argentina via Berlin)
YOU (New York)

at: Apop Records | 2831 Cherokee St.

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For the hardcore heads:

Tonight at Cranky Yellow | 2847 Cherokee St.


Three of St. Louis best hardcore/punk acts open tonight for Wisconsin's Tenement, an examination in pop thrash therapy!

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Sunday, January 23rd marks the first show of 2011 at Floating Laboratories!! Always exciting and challenging the brain, FL is proud to present Iowa City's SOLID ATTITUDE and Maine's EVIL SPIRITS.

Sunday, January 23rd:


at: Floating Laboratories | 4528 Ohio St.

Iowa City's SOLID ATTITUDE wrecks through St. Louis with a whirlwind of thrashing garage rock and violent rhythms!! Featuring Matt Fenner, Wet Hair's latest addition! EVIL SPIRITS from Maine have hopped on the gig! Total dirge two piece of feedback and sweat! Dr
ums and amps! Get Faced! Witness local destruction from Cackling Hen & the collaboration between Larva Lou & Dinner Music (aka Rick Weaver of Form-A-Log/The New Flesh!!)

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Our friends at the Luminary Center for the Arts have done a spectacular job programming concerts for this spring season! COLD CAVE will be performing their first ever St. Louis concert on Saturday, April 9th!! LIGHTNING BOLT returns to St. Louis after 9 years (LB last played in STL as part of the Oops! The Tour at the Creepy Crawl with Erase Errata, Arab On Radar, The Locust, and The Flying Luttenbachers) on Saturday, April 23rd! Tickets can be purchase HERE and HERE. Cheers!!


SLU's Billiken Club is doing it big this year with some amazing performers that usually don't make it around these parts. NOTE: All shows at the Billiken Club are open to the public, and most importantly FREE:

WED 02.23 - Dum Dum Girls


If you haven't heard: My good friends, Mabel & Joe of 88.1 KDHX's Wrong Division (Fridays from 1am to 3am) host a showlisting blog at W.R.O.N.G.D.I.V.I.S.I.O.N. - Highly recommended! And if you didn't know, Joe Hess does all of the music booking at Cranky Yellow on Cherokee St. Hit him up!

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