Monday, October 25, 2010


Tuesday, November 2nd:

Moonrises (Feat. Ben Billington of Tiger Hatchery | Chicago, IL)
Bikini Acid (Return of the Rat | St. Louis, MO)
Kevin Harris (Get Faded | St. Louis, MO)

at: Floating Laboratories


Thursday, November 18th:

God Willing (Ren of Dynasty, Form-A-Log, JKAE | Nashville, TN)
Unicorn Hard-On (Electro Acid Bounce | Nashville, TN)
Human Beasts (Moonbeam Touch Freaks | Providence, RI)
Dust Bunny (Dust Bun B Reunion | St. Louis, MO)

with DJ Ghost Ice (Always Dying | St. Louis, MO)

at: Floating Laboratories


Just a reminder: Tonight you can catch Blonde Redhead with Panthu Du Prince at the Pageant, Active Child performs at the Firebird tomorrow night, and Sleigh Bells at the Firebird on Thursday, October 28th!

For the Halloweenies: Skarekrau Radio will be jamming heavy at the Bolozone (Illinois & Utah) on Halloween with Attic Ted, Black James, & Bug Chaser!  Party at the Momo next door!

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