Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shows Added!

Just a quick reminder! Tonight at Lemmon's - CAVE SKAREKRAU RADIO JERUSALEM AND THE STARBASKETS! Show starts around 9pm and is $5.

Also! Nathan Cook's Sound Installation at Open Lot is this evening!

"Nathan N. CookX Degrees of Synchronicity: A Participatory Sound Sculpture
Open Lot
July 10th

“Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way thatcannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.”—Carl Jung

Imagine one room full of stereos cycling through a myriad of sounds at shortintervals creating a modulating ebb and flow of noise en masse. This soundsculpture will be based on audience members bringing portable compact discstereos to play CDs that I have prepared. One 80 minutes long CD-R comprisedof 99 6-second tracks will be duplicated in advance for each stereo to play onrandom mode. The number of stereos simultaneously playing will be determinedby how many are brought by participants over the course of the evening. The installation will begin with the first stereo received and end with the last onebeing taken away by its owner. If no stereos are contributed no sounds will beplayed. Participation is the key factor in the occurrence and interpretation of theinstallation.

Emphasis on the audience through participation is important because eachperson in attendance of an exhibition or concert becomes a cultural catalystthrough the transmission of their experiences. Art and music lives within thememories of the audience. Communication is not possible in isolation. Since theessence of culture is communication I wanted to create an atmosphere whereexchange was central to the process of the event. The focus of this soundsculpture is the creation of an environment where the chance amalgamation ofsounds may create personally meaningful moments through the uniqueperception of each listener."


Wednesday, August 25th:

Pedestrian Deposit -
Sean McCann -

at: TBA


Wednesday, September 1st:

Fielded -
Psychic Steel -
Ghost Ice

at: TBA

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